I'm proud to release the initial version of a software I'm been working (hobby) for about a year called ScriptNotepad.

The software is based on the Scintilla project via the ScintillaNET wrapper library.

The idea is that you can write scripts for text manipulation in C# programming language and run them within the software. There is still a lot to do but I can get no input on feature requests, bugs or otherwise, if the software isn't available with the public. The software has also spawned many libraries released as NuGet packages and in the GitHub, because I didn't want to include all the code in a same project.


The main window


Do have fun playing with it  - PS. I have used this on my work place for three weeks now 


I released these libraries for the ScintillaNET to help with lexer definitions and visualization.

The first:


A class library containing lexer definitions for the ScintillaNET.

The second:


A tabbed control for ScintillaNET to display multiple documents.

Have fun and happy new year and here is the link to the misc libraries section!


I released an update to the amp# software to version v.

  • Fixed quiet hours again!
  • Added song naming configuration.
  • Added possibility to create a queue while listening a another queue or just listening.
  • Added possibility to scramble / random a loaded queue.
  • The queue when set to show queue will now stay visible.
  • Added possibility to rate multiple songs.
  • Added possibility to set volume to multiple songs.
  • Updated the remote control API (WCF) maintaining the backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed a settings reset bug.
  • Updated static libraries to be NuGet packages.
  • Added mini-help.
  • Fixed bug in the ScriptRunner.cs file (Public Domain).
  • Added language selection to the settings.
  • Added F9 key to show all the songs in the collection.
  • The database will "fix" it self on the first start (a lengthy operation run only once) with the new version (missing tag value) in the SONG database table.
  • No llama’s were hurt (by VPKSoft) during the coding process!
  • Added localization possibility to the start menu.
  • Fixed queue editor crashing the program when deleting single songs from a saved queue.
  • Fixed queue editor crashing the program with an invalid SQL sentence.
  • Fixed queue editor to re-index songs correctly in the queue when deleting items.
  • Added optional modified (biased) randomization.
  • Fixed the main window text scaling on a higher DPI setting.
  • Fixed text scaling on a higher DPI setting for few dialogs.
  • Fixed return and escape button working in the new album dialog.
  • Fixed dialog miss-placing on the screen.
  • Updated NuGet dependencies to NAudio.* packages.
  • Added possibility to delete local application data for the software on un-install.

 Have fun again 



I released a simple C# code generator called XMLLexerRead for the ScintillaNET to help to generate a lexer from the famous Notepad++' language definition files.

This is just a tool so I'm not going to write any other article about the software, but do enjoy!


I released an update to the amp# software to version v.

  • Updated the WCF remote control API
  • Made the source code available to the GitHub
  • Update the NuGet packages int the software

 Have fun again