I'm proud the release a card file software called Easy CardFile which will continue the at least twenty years long cycle of card file software from VPKSoft.

I do hope this is the last rewrite from Delphi to C++ QT to C# Windows Forms. 😅

Have fun again and have a nice Easter 🐣 


After some shields have been added the forum is online again and the user registration is available 👍 - just wondering what these spammers wish to achieve by spamming my tiny non-profit "organization" 🙄


I released an update to the amp# software to version v.

  • Added a possibility to copy a playlist into a single directory.

 Have fun again 



I had to put the forum offline and disable user registration as I'm currently getting a lots of spam from the following addresses:

  • @judpharmacy.org
  • @serwermail.szczecin.pl

Have fun while I don't 

TODO: Ban these and publish the spammers domain addresses in a separate article. 


I'm proud to release the initial version of a software I'm been working (hobby) for about a year called ScriptNotepad.

The software is based on the Scintilla project via the ScintillaNET wrapper library.

The idea is that you can write scripts for text manipulation in C# programming language and run them within the software. There is still a lot to do but I can get no input on feature requests, bugs or otherwise, if the software isn't available with the public. The software has also spawned many libraries released as NuGet packages and in the GitHub, because I didn't want to include all the code in a same project.


The main window


Do have fun playing with it  - PS. I have used this on my work place for three weeks now