I released an update to the SimpleBackup software to version

This fixes a date time format bug causing a backup "loop".


I'm proud to release amp#

"A music player for common audio formats with a simple and intuitive GUI."



  • A simple one window GUI
  • Files are added with drag and drop operation
  • No changes to the file system are made, only the music database (SQLite)
  • Per-song based volume adjust - which is saved to a database
  • Songs can be renamed without a reflection to the file it self
  • Effective search based on file tags, file name and a given name
  • Search box is in the main window - when active just start writing to search
  • Supported music formats are mp3, ogg, wav, wma and flac using NAudio library


The main window while searching

VPKSoft.Utils update


First of all happy new year of 2016 laughing

I released an update to the VPKSoft.Utils to version


Added few new classes

  • AppRunning - A way to detect if your application is already running using Mutex and an unique string.
  • HumanActivity - A WinForm class for monitoring when a user goes idle (no mouse or keyboard activity in a given time).
  • RemotingMessageServer, RemotingMessageClient - A simple implementation of .NET remoting (inter-process communication) using TCP protocol.


A sample application of RemotingMessageServer and RemotingMessageClient working together


I released a sample application for VPKSoft.Utils RemotingMessageServer and RemotingMessageClient classes which were releases in the version

The sample consists of four very small applications.

License is GPLv3

Do note that the Visual Studio Hosting Process probably prevents the (.NET remoting) messages from passing from client to server. 

Sample applications running



As I wrote before: "I'll start to move the libraries I've written from GPL to LGPL to allow more freedom on their usage."

All libraries have now been moved from GLP to LGPL.

Have fun folks :)