ErrorLogger update


I released an update to the ErrorLogger to v.


  • Fixed app_messages.log truncation on application start
  • Added product name and version to be logged as well

ButtonzVZ Released


I'm proud to release something "gamy" for a first time in about more than 10 years.

This is an engine for a button-/block -related game.

It has an engine that sort runs blindly in the background playing this game. The visualization and user input is left to the user. The test game takes about 140 lines of code with comments not including the license manifest.

About performance.. I never got the engine with visualization taking more than 1% of CPU time of a Intel quad(with hyper-threading) core processor running@ 3.50GHz, however the W10 Task Manager is a bit vague.


Reason for the weird name?

The answer is as simple as - someone might think this hobby project relates anyway to a game called "Tetris"..


A test game running with weird blocks

World Cities Database Released

This is a SQLite database containing world cities and their locations (latitude, longitude).

This database is based on the CSV file downloaded from

The CSV is released as public domain, so this database is too 


  • Current version (27.09.2015)
  • The data consists of many columns of which most important are the name of the city (NAME), the latitude and longitude of the city (LATITUDE, LONGITUDE) and information whether to use right-to-left or left-to-right scripting of the city name (RTL)

VPKSoft.Utils update


I released an update to the VPKSoft.Utils to version


  • Added some string extension utils, mostly trimming (Strings).
  • Added a simple library for storing data, setting, etc.. in and UTF8 encoded file (VPKNml).


A test application for the VPKNml class

And what it saved

FlagsISO update


I released an update to the FlagsISO to version


  • Added a ComboBox control for country selection (ComboBoxCountrySelect).


A sample application

Another shot of the sample application

Visual Studio Designer